Quality Table Linen. Great Value.

Nationwide Table Linen uses only 100% spun polyester in its table linen.

There is a reason for that.

100% spun polyester offers the two best traits that puts it above all the rest, (cotton, polyester blends, etc.)

Firstly, if you look at the way our linen sits on the table it is much richer-looking than the others.

Secondly, 100% spun polyester is much more hard-wearing and therefore economical in the long-run. When laundered, over time, the fabric stays looking like new while the others both fade in color and wrinkle as well.

We are in the best 5 star restaurants in South Florida for a reason. They tested all the rest and after doing that they picked the BEST.

We at Nationwide Linen are now going to take our success in South Florida and offer the same great table linen to restaurants and hotels all throughout the country.

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Below are a couple of the upscale hotels where you can see our table linen being displayed.

Gianni's Villa

Proudly serving many of the finest restaurants in Florida, such as Gianni's Villa on South Beach.

It was all about attention to detail, as we knew how important the quality of the linen had to be to be used in this magnificent restaurant.

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

One of the world's finest, this hotel and casino in Hollywood, Florida has 17 restaurants throughout the facility and are all 5-star rated.

Nationwide Linen is proud to be on every table in every one of those 17 restaurants with our table linen.

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