About Us

The two founders of Nationwide Linen, Inc. are Bruce Zipper and Jose Avila. They have been friends for 30 years and both reside in Miami, Florida.

Jose Avila founded and owns one of the biggest commercial laundry companies in Florida - AA Linen - which he started 30 years ago in South Miami.

AA Linen services some of the finest and best-known restaurants and hotels in Miami. Jose knows the needs and wants of these prestigious establishments and has secured multi-year contracts with these companies.

Bruce Zipper is a business entrepreneur who has done most of his work in importing textiles and products from China over the last 15 years.

After Bruce sold his last company - Comfort in the Word, a baby quilt company - to one of the biggest companies in the world in 2021, Bruce was looking for something else to get involved with.

After hanging out at his friend's large laundry facility, Bruce was curious about how much table linen Jose’s company was using and started asking questions about quality and price. Well, it didn't take long for Bruce to use his great contacts in China and started to sample table linen items (which Jose thought was a great idea!) and wanted to be involved in this new potential business.

Jose's knowledge of the commercial laundry business and Bruce's experience in producing fine quality textile products from China made the perfect match to start Nationwide Linen, Inc.

Jose knew the type of linen that would be necessary to get the finest restaurants and hotels under contract, while Bruce knew how to get them manufactured and priced in China.

Since Nationwide was born about 2 years ago, Jose and his company have secured long-term contracts with many of the finest restaurants and hotels in Florida, such as Gianni's Villa on South Beach and The Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida, which has 17 restaurants throughout the facility and are all 5-star rated.

Nationwide Linen is truly proud to showcase their high-quality products on every table of their valued clients.

Gianni's Villa

Proudly serving many of the finest restaurants in Florida, such as Gianni's Villa on South Beach.

It was all about attention to detail, as we knew how important the quality of the linen had to be to be used in this magnificent restaurant.

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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

One of the world's finest, this hotel and casino in Hollywood, Florida has 17 restaurants throughout the facility and are all 5-star rated.

Nationwide Linen is proud to be on every table in every one of those 17 restaurants with our table linen.

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